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Trading Opportunities


StillWealthy forex trading investment strategy seeks for opportunities based on the combination of different strategies based on different principles. The use of more than just one strategy in trading the financial markets is growing in popularity.

Combined Trading Strategies (CTS):
The program uses a combination of overlapping technical indicators that identify short-term trading opportunities across the foreign exchange market. This approach ensures that there is a small but important discretionary element to interpreting signals and timely execution of all trades.

Statistical Trading Parameters to Consider:
StillWealthy forex trading focuses on intraday short term movements and breakouts within the Foreign exchange markets.

Estimated Maximum Equity (Tradable):
There is no maximum tradable equity limit as long as liquidity conditions allow for trades to be executed normally.

There are/will be periods where StillWealthy forex trading is out of trading, and that is not a set period of time, it will just depend on market conditions.

Overall Risk Management Principals:
The primary goal of the StillWealthy forex trading is to enhance trading results via a different approach, based on selected trades rather than on big market moves.

Risk per Trade:
StillWealthy forex trading does calculate risk per trade, but always assumes a maximum risk profile (or worst case scenario) when setting stop levels. FX is a very dynamic market where statistical outliers exceed the probability with which they occur.

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